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What is iText DITO?

A powerful template engine that converts data into iText-quality PDFs

iText DITO is iText's low-code document generator that simplifies the process of creating and maintaining data-driven forms and templates, with a visual template designer and a powerful back-end for processing (Java SDK, Docker or CLI).

It is your ideal solution if you are looking to

  • Leverage data, wherever it resides,
  • Mass-generate compliant PDF documents,
  • Reduce time and cost of document automation projects,
  • Empower business users to own their document templates.

Why use iText DITO?

iText DITO is designed to be a scalable solution comprised of two parts; an intuitive front-end WYSIWYG designer and a powerful iText SDK.  Together you have a template engine capable of generating a few hundred to a few hundred thousand PDF documents per day to meet any business needs.  iText DITO can be used in combination with a database, to either extract data for processing or input information from your database into the documents automatically. 

With iText DITO, data gathered through an HTML5 input form is converted to JSON format, for easy integration with existing IT resources. You can easily create an attractive subscription form being linked to a mailing database. The reverse is also possible -  use a structured database to generate PDFs using iText DITO such as generating invoices, pay-slips, credit card statements, utility bills, and receipts, etc. 

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Enterprise grade

iText DITO is scalable, robust, capable of mass volume and ideal for large enterprise usage.


The iText DITO SDK gives developers the flexibility to integrate its functionality into existing processes and can be customized to meet your document workflow requirements.

It is available as either a native Java version, a command-line version, or a Docker image with a straightforward and programming language agnostic RESTful API for convenient deployment and scaling.

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Fast and convenient

iText DITO reduces the time to develop templates. It makes both maintenance and updating of templates easier and faster.

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Visual designer

iText DITO uses an interface to build templates via drag and drop, replacing cumbersome coding. It also includes easy to use wizards for features such as:

  • conditional content to show or hide content based on set conditions
  • conditional formatting to style data bindings based on their values
  • filtered loops to display a subset of items in an array
  • generating 1D and 2D barcodes from your input data, with a wide range of barcode formats supported
  • assisting with template design for generating accessible PDF/UA compliant documents

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Discover the power of building interactive form templates online with a guided demo from the iText engineering team.

When you request a demo, a specialist will contact you within two business days to inquire details and set up a time for the walk-through. Meanwhile, use the demo link sent to your email (if you did not receive it, check your “spam” or “junk email” folders) to try iText DITO.

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Case study

Fast template development for health reporting with iText DITO

New Ocean Health, a leading software design and development company, uses iText DITO, our new solution for template-based PDF generation, to integrate with their Enterprise Health Management platform. 

They use iText DITO to process and format data from their customers' users, populate a report template and then transform it into PDF format.

This case study describes how iText DITO saved them invaluable time and resources.

Dito Case study , mypath result template

Video Tutorials

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iText DITO Webinar
iText DITO - World's Fastest & Most Powerful Template Engine.

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