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At iText, we are proud to be the best documented PDF Library. We have 10 years of proven knowledge in Q&A and Support and 12 years of development, on top of it we have our 2 best selling books with 150 online examples.

We published our most recent ebook on Leanpub. Lean Publishing is the act of publishing an in-progress book using lightweight tools and many iterations to get reader feedback, pivot until you have the right book and build traction once you do.


The Best iText Questions on StackOverflow (2014)

Do you have a question about iText? If it has been asked before, you may find the answer in this book. This book bundles answers to the best questions that have been posted on StackOverflow about iText.

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The ABC of PDF with iText (2013-2014)

PDF Syntax essentials
In this short book, we'd like to give a short introduction to the syntax of the Portable Document Format.

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book digital signatures

Digital signatures for PDF Documents by Bruno Lowagie (2012)

In this guide we’ll focus on one specific aspect of PDF files that makes the choice for PDF over any other document format a no-brainer: digital signatures.

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Java examples
C# Examples

iText in Action — 2nd Edition

iText in Action, Second Edition is an entirely revised new version of the popular first edition. It introduces the latest version of iText, and it lowers the learning curve to its advanced features. Following its innovative, practical examples, you'll master new form types, including AcroForm, explore the XML Forms Architecture (XFA), and discover techniques for linking documents, creating a PDF based on records in a database, and much more. Buy the book!

This new edition covers the latest version of iText and Java 5. The examples can be easily adapted to .NET using iTextSharp.

Table of Contents
Overview of the examples discussed in the book
C# ports of the book examples
Overview of the illustrations used in the book
Overview of corrections and updates to "iText in Action — Second Edition."

API Documentation


Release notes

RUPS tutorial: use RUPS to change your PDF syntax and dictionaries

Using iText on Codenvy to create a web application

Other publications

Customer Case Study: How Roots Software Increased PDF Generation Speed 10X
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