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We are looking for PDF Mysteries

PDF detectivesOur CEO is preparing a talk for the educational day at the PDF Days, entitled “7 cases for the PDF support detectives.” The idea is to select 7 mysterious PDF problems he encountered in the last 15 years.

We would like to hear your stories. Do you think the “blank page problem” deserves a place in the top 7? Did you ever encounter a form that couldn’t be filled out? Did you ever add a Watermark that didn’t show up on any page of the document?

Report your PDF mystery today!


iText in Action

book The "iText in Action" books offer an introduction and a practical guide to iText and the internals of PDF. This book lowers the learning curve and, through numerous innovative and practical examples, unlocks the secrets hidden in ISO-32000.

The first and second edition of "iText in Action" were bestsellers published by Manning Publications Co. Bruno has started writing a series of new books that will be made available on LeanPub.