Updates and support Agreement

95% of our customers sign up for the iText updates and support agreement, even if only to get the latest versions of the software and take advantage of new functionality, bug fixes, etc. When extending the updates and support agreement every year, you can rest assured that if you ever do have an issue with iText, you'll have direct access to our support system and developers.

Customers are invited to provide e-mail addresses for their identified support contacts to their iText sales representative. We will create user accounts in our online support system for these support contacts. They will receive an automated mail from the support system, allowing them access to

The updates and support agreement requires commercial licensing of iText, and is not available to AGPL users. The yearly fee is 20% of the standard commercial license price, billed annually. Capacity Rental licenses include all updates and support fees.

Ask your iText sales representative for more information.

Free Support

If you have a technical question, and want an answer for free, you can post questions to:

Please do not cross-post the same question on multiple services. Somebody may answer your question in one place while you might be waiting for the answer in another place.

iText developers are active on StackOverflow. If you're registered on StackOverflow, please tag your question as an iText or an iTextSharp question.

Note that developers post here on a voluntary basis; there's no guaranteed response-time and responding to this free list has low priority compared to delivering commercial support. All mails sent to the list are published online by a number of third party mail archives. Check these archives before you post a question.

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