Deloitte's Fast50: Press overview

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We've just received a mail from Deloitte with a press overview of the Fast 50 event. In the previous blog posts, we've already covered most of these articles, but now we also have French versions of articles we mentioned earlier.

We already showed pictures of the article Tien heel snelle groeiers, now we have the French translation Dix entreprises a la croissance tres rapide, as well as the proclamation of the results: Nederlandse internetbetalingenspecialist Adyen wint Fast50 2013 (Dutch) / Adyen remporte le Fast 50 2013 (French). We already reported the article De 5 Belgische digitale start-ups met de snelste groei in Dutch, now we also have Les 5 startups digitales belges à la croissance la plus rapide. The same goes for DataNews: Tien Belgen in Deloitte Technology Fast50 (Dutch) / Dix entreprises belges dans le Deloitte Technology Fast50 (French). We also have PDFs instead of scans of the articles in De Tijd and De Krant van West-Vlaanderen.



De Tijd_Nederland telt vier keer meer tech-tijgers dan Belgie_12102013.pdf

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Krant van West Vlaanderen_Ieper heeft studenten en betere verbinding nod....pdf

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Trends Tendances_Dix entreprises a la croissance tres rapide_10102013.pdf

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Trends_Tien heel snelle groeiers_10102013.pdf

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