Keep your PDFs clean of sensitive data

iText Software’s programmable libraries are used globally by companies and organizations to generate and edit PDF documents, often at high volumes. With the most recent iteration of its platform, iText 7, you get the opportunity for PDF redaction with pdfSweep.

iText 7 pdfSweep: Key advantages

  • Permanently redact sensitive data

  • Digitize the “black-out-bar” process

  • Retain document readability

Keeping your information secure

Many documents, such as invoices or statements, are created as PDF documents. These documents contain sensitive information about the individual like account numbers or national identification numbers – information that should not be shared with future readers. To keep the identity and information of the individual intact, their sensitive information should be removed from the document, pdfSweep can help!

Let’s get cleaning!

pdfSweep allows you to permanently erase sensitive content from a PDF. This is done by eliminating the text from the visible document while also eliminating any relation to letter, word or image. This allows the document to remain readable and allows a complete deletion of the sensitive area. After being “swept” the document can be flattened and locked, offering a simple option for digital black-out bars.

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