Last week, we created a poll on Twitter , asking you which platform you prefer: The Java platform, The .NET platform, or Another platform These were the results: It seems that the Java platform is the most popular among developers who follow us on Twitter: half of them prefer the Java platform. Looking at the questions posted on StackOverflow, I would have guessed that the numbers would be more in balance, because it feels as if there are about as many questions about iText for Java as there are as about iText for C#. Maybe we...
As you have probably noticed by now, we have recently released iText 7 , a new major version of our flagship library, which is not backwards compatible to iText 5. This technical blog post will focus a bit more on the reasons why we chose to rewrite iText 7 from scratch and will also detail our roadmap for the near future. Reasons While we were always pretty happy with the capabilities of iText as they stood, there were a number of design choices that limited our wiggling room for further development. Over the years, a number...

Chapter 7: Creating PDF/UA and PDF/A documents

In this chapter, we're going to take a closer look at two sub-standards of ISO 32000. We're going to create PDF/UA files that are compliant with ISO 14289 (Universal Accessibility). We're also going to create PDF/A files that comply with ISO 19005 (archiving, or long-term preservation).


Chapter 4: Making a PDF interactive

We'll start this chapter by looking as a handful of annotation types: a text annotation, a link annotation, a line annotation, a text markup annotation, and widget annotations. Widget annotations will lead us to the subject of interactive forms. We'll learn how to create a form, but more importantly how to fill out and flatten a form.

I'll never forget my first Java book: The year was 1997. I had discovered the JDK 1.0.2 in 1996 and after experimenting with some tutorial examples, I immediately knew that Java would be a hit. In 1997, I worked for an integrator, and I had the chance to teach newly arrived interns how to program, so I bought myself the "Java Unleashed" book and decided to start teaching Java, a language that hadn't been used at the company up until then. We made some really cool applications. For instance: to explain networks and servers, we made a Connect 4 server using a ServerSocket and we made an applet...