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Release iText 7.1.10 🎂

iText 7.1.10 brings the first quarterly release of 2020 for the iText 7 family, and coincidentally it's on the day that iText, as a project, turns 20! 🎂🥳

iText 7.1.10 brings the first quarterly release of 2020 for the iText 7 family, and coincidentally it's on the day that iText, as a project, turns 20! 🎂🥳

Although it's iText's birthday, we are giving away presents left and right, which include new releases of Core, pdf2Data, pdfCalligraph, pdfHTML, pdfSweep, pdfXFA and RUPS (oof, I really had to take a breather there. It's a lot of goodies!) Head on down to the Release Notes to get the details.


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    iText 7 Core – 7.1.10 (Java) link link N/A link
    iText 7 Core – 7.1.10 (.NET) link N/A link link
    pdf2Data – 2.1.6 (Java) N/A N/A N/A link
    pdf2Data – 2.1.6 (.NET) N/A N/A link link
    pdfCalligraph – 2.0.5 (Java) N/A link N/A link
    pdfCalligraph – 2.0.5 (.NET) N/A N/A link link
    pdfHTML – 2.1.7 (Java) link link N/A link
    pdfHTML – 2.1.7 (.NET) link N/A link link
    pdfSweep – 2.0.5 (Java) link link N/A link
    pdfSweep – 2.0.5 (.NET) link N/A link link
    pdfXFA – 2.0.5 (Java) N/A link N/A link
    pdfXFA – 2.0.5 (.NET) N/A N/A link link
    RUPS – 7.1.10 link link N/A link
    Release notes

    Lots of goodies going around! In no particular order:

    • Core now has some improved memory usage, specifically if you are reading big PDF files (check out PdfReader#SetMemorySavingMode(true)), more robust PDF update mechanisms, a better PDF/A document experience, some dependency updates and <marker> support for SVG;
    • pdf2Data has even better table boundary detection;
    • pdfCalligraph has much improved Thai and Gujarati language scripts' support;
    • pdfHTML now supports the lang attribute. This will help with the creation of PDF/UA compliant documents; 
    • pdfSweep had a bug which would remove /ColorSpace when redaction would partially affect an image;
    • pdfXFA has much better dynamic page numbering handling.


    Also, a couple of points mostly of interest for our commercial customers:

    • It is now required that the License Key Volume library is loaded if you are a Volume customer;
    • Proxy environment variables will be honored for Volume reporting;
    • If your license expires during runtime, it will revert back to AGPL mode.

    New Features

    • [CORE] Allow individual page loading when reading
    • [CORE] Implement scheduledCheck analog for iText Core
    • [CORE] Update BouncyCastle dependency to 1.64
    • [CORE] SVG: Feature: Markers, initial support


    • [CORE] Document PdfReader#setMemorySavingMode
    • [LICENSE] the name-case of some test folders differs in Java in .NET 
    • [SAMPLES] Improve CustomBorder3 sample, port CustomBorder4
    • [SAMPLES] Update CounterDemo sample to not use deprecated API and be independent from the version


    • [CORE] When filling unmerged fields iText doesn't distinguish field and widget dictionaries
    • [CORE] Digital Signatures: annotation dictionary incorrectly updated when signing a pre-signed document
    • [CORE] Leading spaces are trimmed in form field appearances
    • [CORE] Adding a field to an existing acroform fails when using the PdfDocument append mode.
    • [CORE] Opening, setting tagged and closing an already tagged pdf rewrites the parenttree dictionary
    • [CORE] Problem with PDF/A end page event
    • [PDFCALLIGRAPH] IndexOutOfBoundsException when processing Gujarati text in pdfCalligraph
    • [PDFCALLIGRAPH] Wrong Toners position. TH SarabunPSK font
    • [PDFCALLIGRAPH] Thai accent positioning bug
    • [PDFSWEEP] removes /ColorSpace array
    • [PDFXFA] absPageSpan / absPage functions are supported incorrectly - logical page number is returned instead of absolute one
    • [PDFXFA] duplex pagination is not applied correctly - even pages are missing
    • [CORE] Sharpen: fix documentation porting
    • [CORE] Fix SignUtils class to handle the case when a certificate doesn't have unsupported critical extensions
    • [CORE] svg: set default stroke width to 1 px value


    • [CORE] Make sure that all iTextCore tests extend ExtendedITextTest
    • [CORE] Reorganize samples-internal tests: FormFieldTest
    • [CORE] Reorganize samples-internal tests: FormFieldFlatteningTest
    • [CORE] xfdf: move xfdf message constants to XfdfException class
    • [CORE] Add test category to some itextcore tests
    • [CORE] Deprecate IdelOutputStream
    • [CORE] Reorganize samples-internal tests: InlineImageExtractionTest
    • [CORE] Avoid reading page dictionaries in ParentTreeHandler.registerMcr()
    • [CORE] Optimize PdfPagesTree#loadPage()
    • [CORE] Make PdfDocument#tryInitTagStructure protected
    • [CORE] Improve documentation of PdfEncryption
    • [CORE] Improve javadocs of CompareTool
    • [CORE] Incorrect XRef type in compressed PDFs
    • [CORE] Reorganize samples-internal tests: SmartModeTest
    • [CORE] Resolve layout javadoc warnings
    • [CORE] Reorganize samples-internal tests: FloatsComplexTest
    • [CORE] Add test category to some internal-tests and license tests
    • [LICENSE] Rework the ProducerInfoYearsTest.versionYearsTest in the LicenseKey tests
    • [LICENSE] Add test category to licensekey-creation tests
    • [LICENSE] Manually test edge-case scenarios of licensekey-volume library inability to access AWS server
    • [CORE] Reorganize samples-internal tests: PartialCleanUpMultipleImageOccurrencesTest
    • [CORE] Update pdftest module dependency on veraPDF
    • [PDFXFA] Improve documentation for XFAFlattener
    • [SAMPLES] Improve/Port stamper samples
    • [SAMPLES] Incorrect absolute position of the header in the sample result
    • [CORE] sharpen: Resolve minor mistype in 
    • [CORE] sharpen: Make sure that iText Javadoc Convention includes all the changes introduce
    • [CORE] Add -Test postfix to some licensekey and signatures tests
    • [CORE] Add tests for "overflow" attribute in svg
    • [CORE] Update year to 2020 in the Copyright headers and project info in all repositories  
    • [CORE] Fix differences between C# and Java test results in ValidationOff012Test
    • [CORE] Fix getNameTree method so that key order is platform-independent
    • [CORE] Make BouncyCastle non-optional dependency of iText Core
    • [LICENSE] Enforce that licensekey-volume dependency is loaded when volume license is used
    • [LICENSE] Add fallback dependencies to itext.licensekey.sln (licensekey .NET repo)
    • [LICENSE] Update dependencies on AWS SDK to allow users specify proxy settings for licensekey volume calls
    • [LICENSE] Add fallback dependencies to itext.licensekey.volume.sln (licensekey-volume .NET repo)
    • [PDFHTML] pdfHTML: convert "lang" attribute into Lang accessibility property for tagged PDF
    • [CORE] Default logger listeners are reset once LogListener's resetLoggingContext is called
    • [CORE] Update logback dependencies in Core and add-ons as the currently used 1.1.3 version has security vulnerabilities
    • [SAMPLES] SamplesWrapperTest: change result output folder to bin folder 

    Compatibility Matrix

    Use our easy compatibility matrix tool to find more information about the compatibility between your current iText Core/Community version and our add-ons and 3rd-party standalone applications

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