iText 7 pdf2Data for PDF processing

Automate PDF processing with pdf2Data and easily extract data from PDF documents. It doesn't matter if you have just one or thousands of documents to process, as long as they are in the same format. pdf2Data offers a framework to recognize data inside PDF documents, based on selection rules that you can define in a template.

pdf2Data is one of our commercially licensed add-ons for iText 7. You will require a commercial license for iText 7 Core and pdf2Data to be able to use this highly efficient PDF data extraction & processing tool for commercial purposes or in a closed-source environment. Request a quote today and learn more about licensing and pricing for your project. You will realize that the time and money you save by eliminating manual PDF processing far outweighs pdf2Data's licensing costs.


Why use iText 7 pdf2Data?

Data is an important commodity, and you may have more than you realize locked inside your PDF documents. Of course, collecting this data manually would take you a lot of time, and increase the risk of input errors as well as security issues. With pdf2Data you can automate the process of extracting data in a secure way.


Automate PDF data extraction from PDF invoices, forms and other documents

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Extract and process data from small or large volumes of PDFs by defining the information that is important for your data processes in a template. Automate PDF data extraction with programming in Java and .NET. pdf2Data for automated, highly efficient PDF data extraction & data processing.

Define which specific data you want to target for PDF data extraction

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Easily define the desired information you want to extract in a template with the pdf2Data template editor. pdf2Data for PDF data extraction works with all PDF documents, such as invoices, forms, reports etc. and makes PDF data processing a highly efficient part of your workflow.

Integrate automated PDF data extraction into your existing document process

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pdf2Data uses open standards to facilitate integration, which makes integrating it into existing workflows easy and fast. It includes SDKs for Java and .NET as well as a command line interface. PDF data processing for the 21st century.

Key features

Core capabilities of iText 7 pdf2Data

pdf2Data works by defining the areas, fonts, patterns, or tables of interest in a template that is used for all PDFs created in the same format, such as an invoice or other commercial documents. You then can define areas of interest with selectors. Each selector uses a different way of identifying the information that is important and can be used in conjunction or alone to meet your needs. 

Extract data from PDF documents

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Leverage iText 7 Core content extraction, for a high fidelity recognition process of text and images for PDF data processing.

Intuitive extraction configuration

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This add-on has comprehensive out of the box functionality, with the flexibility to extend and customize. Focus on easy integration and open standards.

Use templates to streamline extraction

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Define areas of interest and selection rules to get exactly the content you need.

Integrate in your PDF and/or data workflow

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Data output in a structured, reusable format for further processing, with access to the page coordinates of the extracted content.


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