pdfOffice is a Java add-on for the iText Core PDF library which enables high-quality native conversion of Microsoft Office documents to PDF.

Currently supporting Word, PowerPoint and Excel formats, it provides an API which allows developers to programmatically convert documents and easily integrate with existing iText workflows.

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How pdfOffice works

pdfOffice was developed to provide best-in-class conversion of Office documents, without the need for costly licensing subscriptions and conversion costs. It can handle files created in Office 97 through Office 2019 and the latest Office 365 updates.  

Unlike certain competing solutions it does not rely on any external software to perform conversion, everything is handled natively. As such, all you need is the pdfOffice add-on and a valid license to enable high-fidelity conversion of all supported document formats. 

As you can see in the following code example, with pdfOffice you get great results in no time. This code sample demonstrates a simple conversion of a Word document (.docx) into a PDF. 

import com.itextpdf.licensekey.LicenseKey; import com.itextpdf.pdfoffice.OfficeConverter; import com.itextpdf.pdfoffice.OfficeDocumentConverterProperties; import com.itextpdf.pdfoffice.OfficePageRange; import java.io.File; import java.io.IOException; public class Office { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { LicenseKey.loadLicenseFile("license.xml"); File pdfOutFile = new File("out_office.pdf"); File demoFile = new File("input.docx"); // converts pages between 1 to 8 OfficeConverter.convertOfficeDocumentToPdf(demoFile, pdfOutFile, new OfficeDocumentConverterProperties() .setPageRange(new OfficePageRange().addPageSequence(1, 8))); } }
pdfOffice is not available yet for C#

Why use pdfOffice?

Over 500 billion Office documents are created every year across multiple industries, yet they have significant drawbacks when it comes to use cases such as distribution, information governance data security policies, or archiving. With pdfOffice you get highly-accurate PDF versions of the same documents which can be widely-distributed, manipulated, or processed to allow advanced PDF features such as digital signatures, secure redaction, annotations, and much more.

Modern web browsers have wide support for viewing PDFs and using pdfOffice in combination with pdfRender means accurate representations of Office documents can be viewed in any device or application, with no additional requirements.

High-fidelity native document conversion

The output from pdfOffice closely matches source documents. Text and paragraph formatting is preserved, line and page breaks are retained, and images, shapes, tables, WordArt and SmartArt in documents are supported. In addition, no third-party software is required for conversion.

Automate document conversion and processing

pdfOffice’s API gives developers the ability to automate the conversion of documents, and process input and output streams in addition to files.

Take advantage of iText’s advanced PDF capabilities

Secure documents with digital signatures, password encryption, and redact sensitive information. Use Document Assembly to combine data from multiple documents, add annotations and file attachments, create image renders of documents, etc.


Core capabilities of pdfOffice

pdfOffice is ideal for automation and batch operations, enabling high-fidelity conversion of documents whether you just need accurate PDF versions of your documents or want to integrate its capabilities into your existing iText workflows.

pdfOffice was specifically designed to convert Office documents to PDF, while preserving all the formatting present in such files. As such, it does not support other file types. For example, if you’ve saved a .txt file as a .docx, or simply renamed a file to change its file extension, you shouldn’t expect pdfOffice to know what to do with it. If you want to make PDFs from .txt or .csv files, iText Core can handle that. Similarly, for .xml or .html, you can use pdfHTML

Best-in-class native document conversion

As an iText product, you can rely on getting accurate conversion and rendering of your documents as ISO-compliant PDFs. And since pdfOffice performs its document conversion natively, it does not require any additional software.

Supports a wide range of document formats

pdfOffice currently supports files in .doc, .docx, .dotx, docm, .dotm, .dot, .ppt, .pptx, .potx, .pptm, .potm, .ppsx, .ppsm, .pot, .pps, xlsx, xls, xlsm, xltx, xltm, xlt, xlam, and xla formats.

Use in combination with other iText add-ons

pdfOffice’s capabilities can be combined with other iText Suite add-ons, such as pdfRender to generate accurate image renders of documents, compress documents with pdfOptimizer, securely redact information with pdfSweep etc.

Wide language and font support

pdfOffice has built-in emulation of over 700 fonts across 45 languages, ensuring ensure great text rendering, worldwide compatibility and avoids font licensing costs. This solution is memory-efficient and ideal for use in embedded environments.


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