Why your mail doesn't show up on the mailing list

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Every week, we receive a number of questions on the iText mailing-list, but some questions never reach this list because of one of the following reasons:

  1. A wrong e-mail address was used. To get the correct answer, please subscribe to the list, because

  2. Mails from people who aren't subscribed are put on hold and need to be approved manually. However: not all mails are read. If there's too much SPAM in the "on hold" box all mails are deleted automatically.

  3. In some cases, a mail doesn't reach the list because it's posted on the wrong forum. For instance: if you're registered on Nabble, you may not be registered on the iText mailing list.

This is how you can see that a question posted on Nabble didn't reach the mailing list:

There is no affiliation between Nabble and iText, which explains why there's a message with a yellow background saying "This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet." When you see this message, you know that you're not subscribed to the official list.