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If you're active in aviation, tech, government, finance, healthcare, industry, automotive, etc. Document heavy processes across the world are relying on iText technology to mass produce and manipulate millions of documents effortlessly.

iText is the biggest open source (and also commercially available) PDF code library to create and process PDF documents in high volume for over 20 years. The presence iText has in governments and the Fortune 500 companies, 34 percent of them, is staggering.

Providing APIs for developers to create, edit or manipulate PDFs

iText 7 is an open source library that lets users create PDF files in a more versatile way than with any off-the-shelf PDF creator, and provides APIs for developers to fine-tune the way they want to create, edit or manipulate PDFs according to different ISO standards or compliance regulations. It also enables them to embed its functionalities within their own software, allowing for digital transformation of your workflows.



iText 7 Demo Lab

Here you can discover what is possible with iText's libraries and add-ons by using our free online apps and embedded sandboxes.

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Mass generation of PDF documents and many other features

iText 7 is capable of mass generation of PDF documents and offers many other features, such as splitting and merging documents, text extraction and redactionrendering PDFs as images, converting HTML pages and templates to PDF and much more. We also offer solutions for PDF data extraction and low-code template design/PDF generation.

Ask iText any question related to the following and much more:

  • to program PDF documents in Java or .NET (C#), and secure, password protect, digitally sign, merge, split... - iText 7 Core

  • to convert your scanned documents, PDFs and images into fully ISO-compliant PDF or PDF/A-3u files making it possible to access and process the text they contain. built upon the open-source Tesseract OCR Engine. - pdfOCR

  • to remove (redact) information from a PDF document in a reliable and secure way. - pdfSweep

  • to unlock advanced typographic features in PDF, and expand your document workflow with global languages and writing system. - pdfCalligraph
  • to generate images from PDFs. - pdfRender
  • to flatten XFA forms to static PDF and add a digital signature as additional security for further processing in PDF workflows or for archiving. - pdfXFA
  • to easily convert HTML and CSS into standards compliant PDFs that are accessible, searchable and usable for indexing. - pdfHTML
  • to easily extract data from PDF documents. - pdf2Data



iText has a low-code document generator too

iText DITO®: low-code document generator simplifies the process of creating and maintaining data-driven forms and templates, with a visual template designer and a powerful back-end for processing.

Why use iText 7?

iText 7 is a straightforward, performant and extensible library that is ready to handle the challenges of today's digital document workflows. With iText 7, you don't have to worry about PDF standards, you can just focus on your business needs and document content.

Why use iText DITO®?

It's a low-code document generator that simplifies the process of creating and maintaining data-driven forms and templates, with a visual template designer and a powerful back-end for processing.