Pricing models that fit your challenges

Purchasing a commercial license for iText allows you to build closed-source applications and entitles you to dedicated support and updates. iText offers flexible pricing models based on your challenges and business models. You can deploy iText on servers, desktop computers, distributed as an OEM or even run it externally. Learn more about our PDF creator license offers below.

Our licensing models

Unit-based licenses

Did you know our licenses are perpetual? By counting the number of servers, clients or devices on which you run iText solutions, you can calculate the price for our most traditional licensing type. Please check it out and request your quote today.

OEM licenses

This license type allows you to embed iText into your own products. Your customers only use iText functionalities made available through your application and our license doesn't allow them to use iText outside the context of your product.

Volume-based licenses

This is the license you need when you can't – or won't – count the number of servers you are using. In this case, we can offer you a license for a yearly fee that is based on the number of documents you are processing with your application.

Maintenance and support

Unit-based and OEM licenses are perpetual and require the additional purchase of first year support at 20% of list price. Support renewals are available at 20% of prevailing list price - 95% of our customers renew their support annually, a testament to our level of care and attention. Volume based licenses are annual subscriptions and include support.

What about the AGPL license?

Free, but read the fine print

The iText AGPL license is for developers who wish to share their entire application source code with the open-source community as free software under the AGPL “copyleft” terms. As soon as you want to use iText in a closed source, proprietary environment, you have to purchase an iText commercial license of one of the types discussed above. You can read more on the AGPL license's terms and conditions here. As a rule, iText strongly believes in open-source and community development and trusts customers not to abuse the AGPL license. However, we will also not hesitate to pursue organizations or people who break the AGPL agreement or damage our brand.