Astounding flexibility

Unit-based commercial licenses are the most common type. They are used for applications that are installed and run from your own devices. Commercial licenses offer significant benefits over AGPL, including:

  • Release from the CopyLeft AGPL license requirements

  • Release from the requirement to not change the PDF Producer line in the document’s properties

  • Access to dedicated support from iText

  • Ability to use iText 7 add-ons for advanced typography, document cleanup and invoicing

  • Indemnification in the event of IP (intellectual property) or patent infringement

Unit-Based Server License

This unit-based server licenses for iText 7 includes:

  • One license per server, virtual machine or node installation, independent of the number of end-users,

  • One-time fee, perpetual license,

  • 50% discount for non-production servers (e.g. testing, development, Q&A, UAT, BA or DR),

  • 1st year support, support is renewable yearly at 20% of the prevailing list price.

Usage example: An airline has a PDF form generation solution on their internal servers. Customers enter their information on the airline's web portal and iText uses that data, data from the airline's database and template rules to create a PDF on the fly for the customer.

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Unit-Based End-User License

The unit-based end-user licenses are the ideal choice to create applications that run on desktops, laptops and/or mobile devices. It includes:

  • one license per desktop, laptop or other end-user device installation,

  • one-time fee, perpetual license,

  • maintenance and support costs 20% of the license costs per year.

Usage example: Your company has a CRM system that is locally installed on each of your staff's desktop. You have created an archivable PDF Invoice application to turn data entered into the CRM into a PDF Invoice.

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Available technologies

Unit-based licenses are available for Java, .NET and Android platforms.

If you are an independent software vendor distributing a server or client product, please check out our OEM offering.

If you have an application with an unknown or very large number of instances, please check out our volume-based license offering.