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IBA Silver Stevie: Business Technology Solutions - Software Development Solution of 2021

iText is honored to receive a 2021 Silver Stevie Award in the category of Business Technology Solutions - Software Development Solution.
IBA 2021

We've done it again! And this time in a different category with our template-based PDF generator iText DITO that was launched in 2019!

iText is honored to receive a 2021 Silver Stevie Award in the category of Business Technology Solutions - subcategory: Software Development Solution.  The International Business Awards (also known as "Stevie's") include a number of different awards; in 2020 we won a Silver Stevie for the "Most Innovative Tech Company of 2020".

iText DITO received the Silver Stevie Award  because of the following features:

  • High-convenience: Some of its components are built to unburden developers and empowering business usersData-driven: iText DITO is NOT a graphical design tool for static documents, it is a product you can use to leverage your data and create consistent PDF output in high volumes
  • Template-based: It’s all about templates, with iText DITO you don’t code your PDF, you generate it from a template
  • PDF: The output is PDF, no more no less
  • Generation: iText DITO is all about creating wonderful PDFs in bulk
  • Product: it’s not a library, it’s a product with a GUI for business users and APIs/SDKs for developers. You typically integrate it in a broader solution that requires generation of PDFs, based on templates that business users will maintain.  

With the release of iText DITO 2.0 we've added a whole new layer to the experience, iText DITO manager which brings a workspace control room experience and a central repository for all templates, data collections and resources.

With this new management experience, users can efficiently manage the full lifecycle of their templates and all their dependencies, like data collections, images, stylesheets and fonts. The product gives you full control over user permissions, template versions and dependencies. It lets you promote template versions between the stages of a promotion path, so you can rest assured to use an approved version in production while your business users are building the next iteration.

The iText DITO Editor has been optimized to integrate with the Manager experience and it benefits from a UI make-over, as well as the addition of several interesting new features. Likewise, the PDF generation REST API has also been optimized to integrate with iText DITO Manager. This release of iText DITO 2.0, due to the tight integration between the Editor, SDK and new iText DITO Manager, deprecates the native Java flavor of the SDK and instead focuses on further development of the Dockerized REST version.

And with our latest release iText DITO 2.1, we've launched several exciting new features like charts, dynamic lists, & more control over conditional content in compositions. 

Some wonderful comments of the IBA jury on our entry:

* "I fully support iText effort in making the a large open source PDF library. This is really important as PDF generation can be a dark art at times!"

* "A great upgrade to an existing portfolio solution."

* "I liked the solution due to flexibility towards PDF solution."

* "Nice product, having tools like iText DITO would help the organizations to minimize the development efforts to and cost to generate pdf."

* "Nicely done. Well written, well supported. Your product seems to be well established in the market and you've accomplished a lot compared to competitors."



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