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Much more than only PDF technology

Next to the PDF technology, our dev team also shows a lot of interest in other IT related technologies and information. That's why two of our devs will have a talk at Devoxx Belgium 2017.

Our Joris Schellekens will show you how you can build your own photo booth for events like Devoxx, and is scheduled on Tuesday at 20:30 in BOF 1. This talk is a more relaxing, casual talk. It explores some wonderful APIs that handle images and face detection, and introduces (briefly) some of the concepts of image handling. The emphasis of the talk is on exploring libraries, crisp UIs and integration with social media. Save the talk at your Devoxx schedule.

Our Michaël Demey will tell you more about the impact of GDPR on software development and products, and is scheduled on Thursday at 14:00 in Room 1. This talk will give more insights on what GDPR is and what its impact will be on software development and products. We will discuss which steps developers could take to make their projects compliant with GDPR and which benefits this will bring your company. As we are developers and not lawyers, we promise to keep the legal jargon to a minimum. Save the talk at your Devoxx schedule.

You can also win one of our Raspberry Pi 3 or Genuino starter kits by taking part in our photo booth contest!

Want to know more? Come and talk with us at booth number 28 from Tuesday Nov 7th till Thursday Nov 9th (incl.) at Devoxx Antwerp.

See you soon!!!

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