iText is National Winner of the European Business Award: "Growth Strategy of the Year" 2019

Thu - 10/17/2019

For the 4th year in a row, iText wins the European Business Awards

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Another European Business Award (EBA)!  For the fourth year in a row we have won the European Business Awards in Belgium. This year we take home the award for 'Growth Strategy of the Year'.

Growth Strategy of the Year

Earlier this year, we received the news that iText was selected as one of the 66 ‘Ones to Watch’ companies in Belgium, organized by the EBA. The EBA is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious independent cross border, and cross sector business competitions.

The EBA has now selected 10 National Winners from that list - each in a different category -, with iText being one of them! 

We're very proud that we've won in the category ‘Growth Strategy of the Year’. With this category, the EBA awards ‘the organisation that best demonstrates an international organic growth strategy (i.e. excluding results solely from merger and acquisition activity) that has achieved outstanding levels of sales, profit and market share improvement by means which include international expansion, new products and services introduction, new market creation, the development or expansion of product and service ranges or forward or backward integration in their supply chain.

iText is also in the running to become the European winner in our category, which will be selected in December. 

iText is the National Winner of the European Business Awards 2019
iText is the National Winner of the European Business Awards 2019

Previous European Business Awards

With this new award, we have been a consistent National Winner of the European Business Awards since 2016:

  • In 2016 our Founder Bruno Lowagie won Entrepreneur of the Year for Belgium.
  • In 2017 we won Business of the Year for Belgium.
  • In 2018 we won Elite Growth Strategy of the Year.
  • In 2019 we won the award for Growth Strategy of the Year for Belgium. 

We are so thrilled that all of our efforts to bring digital transformation to businesses around the world are being acknowledged by this organization. As a de facto standard in the industry for PDF libraries, we'll continue to grow our innovative business by listening to our community of developers, keeping up with market trends and acting on both. 

Congratulations to the rest of the winners, and keep doing great work!


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