iText Software is a Digital Signing Partner of Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GOVTECH)’s National Digital Identity (NDI) Program

Tue - 12/01/2020

iText is named as one of the 8 technology partners recommended by GovTech (Singapore) for their NDI initiative: iText Software, DocuSign, Netrust, Adobe, OneSpan, Dedoco, and Kofax

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From 5 November 2020, SingPass users can use the new “Sign with SingPass” feature to electronically sign contracts, agreements and other legal documentation. This new feature will be progressively rolled out by the Government Technology Agency’s wholly owned subsidiary, Assurity Trusted Solutions Pte Ltd (ATS), in collaboration with iText Software and 7 more partners: DocuSign, Netrust, Adobe, OneSpan, Dedoco, and Kofax.

iText’s award-winning products are used by millions of users, both open source and commercial. The diverse customer base includes many of the Fortune 500 companies - ranging from technology, financial, travel to healthcare companies, as well as small companies and government agencies.

Besides digitally signed PDFs, iText pdfHTML, generating images from PDFs with pdfRender, flattening dynamic forms with pdfXFA, or easy creation of PDFs based on templates using the low-code tool iText DITO.

As more businesses offer “Sign with SingPass”, users can look forward to using digital signatures to complete transactions without the need to be physically present to sign PDF documents.

Today’s SingPass has evolved to provide seamless and convenient access to over 1,000 digital services offered by some 250 government agencies and private organisations. There are now over 2.1 million users of the SingPass Mobile app since its launch.

As Benedict Lee (李家福), Regional Manager, Asia Pacific for iText says:

“iText Software is a proud partner of GovTech’s national digital identity (NDI) initiative. Working together with GovTech, iText has developed an SDK and code examples to demonstrate the integration of an organisation’s document workflow with the NDI Digital Signing Service to allow digital signing of PDF documents in high volumes. By using the open-source and dual-licensed iText 7 library (available for Java and .NET) to create and process ISO-compliant, PDF documents, customers can interface with the SingPass Mobile app and utilise secure, digitally signed PDFs in a modern, digitalised document workflow, a necessity in automated document management. Ultimately, businesses can benefit from growing their business with the NDI SingPass digital signing integration.”


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