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iText Launches pdfHTML to Easily Convert HTML to PDF

Ghent, Belgium, March 16, 2017 – Leading PDF library company iText Software today introduced pdfHTML, a powerful tool to easily convert HTML and CSS content into a PDF document.

An iText 7 add-on, pdfHTML is a premium upgrade to the previous XML Worker from iText 5. The new solution provides more functionality out of the box and easier extensibility and customization.

“HTML is ubiquitous. A lot of software already outputs HTML in one way or another, and most developers know at least the basics,” said Raf Hens, iText director of product management. “As such, pdfHTML is a convenient way to integrate PDF functionality, allowing developers to use existing HTML and CSS skills and resources to quickly create PDF documents.”

Developers in government, healthcare, insurance and financial industries need an attractive solution to reliably convert HTML content to PDF to comply with federal regulations and international standards. Leveraging the full power of the iText 7 platform, pdfHTML helps developers rest assured that their content is accurate and secure in PDF.

pdfHTML supports a wide array of HTML tags and CSS properties, handling Arabic, Indic and other non-Latin scripts, as well as processing of responsive HTML by configuring media queries.

The iText 7 platform provides pdfHTML a robust and extendable foundation well-suited for future updates or patches. The new tool is designed for immediate use with no customization or configuration necessary.

Learn how to easily convert HTML to PDF with our Introduction Blog or by watching the recording of our webinar on pdfHTML.

About iText

iText Software is a world-leading company in PDF technology. Founded by Bruno Lowagie in 2008, the company has grown to offer the world’s largest open source PDF library for developers. As a dedicated member of the ISO Committee and PDF Association, iText is committed to continually evolving PDF technology and delivering powerful solutions for its customers. Learn more about our passion for PDF on our website at www.itextpdf.com