Release of pdf2Data 1.1.0

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About pdf2Data

pdf2Data is an add-on for iText7 to recognize data inside PDF documents in an intuitive and predictable manner. It provides a mechanism to extract predefined data fields from the PDF documents based on the same template (for example, an invoice coming from the same supplier).

A new release

We are proud to inform you about the latest release: pdf2Data 1.1.0.

Notable improvements are:

  • Enhanced support for multipage tables, which now correctly skips page footers and headers and recognizes repeating table header and footer rows.

  • New selector for images that allows extracting images from the whole document, from specific pages (if combined with “page” selector) or from specific regions on the page (if combined with “boundary” selector).

  • Improvements in detecting text of specific font style and/or size.

  • The web application (as available at now provides a link to a sample document with several best practice examples.

  • The code of the pdf2Data plug-in synced with the latest iText 7.0.3 release.

All the binaries are uploaded to iText artifactory as well as deployed at

What are you waiting for? Go and check it out!