The SoCraTes BE conference - wrap up

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Last weekend, our Joris Schellekens and Amedee Van Gasse went to the two-days SoCraTes conference in Floreal La Roche-En-Ardenne. SoCraTes BE (Software Craftsmanship and Testing Belgium) is a non-profit, international unconference for open-minded craftspeople who want to improve their craft and the software industry as a whole.

At the first day, Amedee gave sessions about:

  • .NET development on not-Windows

  • autoporting Java to C# (lighting talk)

  • using git-filter-branch to open source a git repo (lighting talk)

To get a full recap of the atmosphere have a look at these video's of day 1 and day 2.

Hope to see you at one of the next SoCraTes events/meet-ups.