iText DITO

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iText DITO simplifies the process of creating multiple data-driven templates.
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iText 7 Core

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Generate and manipulate your PDFs with this commercially licensed PDF library and SDK.
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pdfHTML convert HTML to PDF pdfHTML provides the engine to convert HTML to PDF
Easily convert HTML and CSS into PDF documents, use pdfHTML for out-of-the-box solutions, or on its own.
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pdfXFA icon svg
To program dynamic PDFs for iText 7, needs an iText commercial license.
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pdfCalligraph icon svg
pdfCalligraph, an iText 7 add-on, allows you to unlock advanced workflow features in PDF typography.
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pdfSweep icon svg
An iText 7 add-on to securely redact data from PDF documents.
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pdf2Data icon svg
Automate your PDF processing and easily extract data from PDFs, offers a framework to recognize data inside PDF documents.
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pdfDebug icon svg
A PDF inspection tool, that integrates into your IDE to help find and correct bugs in your code.
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RUPS - The PDF Diagnostic Tool for Reading and Updating PDF Syntax & Debugging PDF code

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Have a crystal-clear look on how your PDF is constructed and inspect the PDF syntax.

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iText 7

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A full PDF functionality and software development platform in Java & .NET, to integrate PDF functionalities within your applications, processes and products.
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iText 7 Community

iText 7 Community icon svg
Handle PDFs with this open-source licensed PDF library and SDK, can be used only with the AGPL license.
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iText 5

iText 5 Core icon svg
iText 5 Core has been EOL, and is no longer developed. Switch your project to iText 7, integrating the latest developments.
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XML Worker

XML Worker icon svg
Convert XHTML content to PDF, used with iText 5 (an EOL product). Use pdfHTML for iText 7, the latest HTML to PDF conversion tool.
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XFA Worker

XFA Worker icon svg
Program dynamic PDFs, used with iText 5 Core (EOL product). Use pdfXFA for iText 7 as the next generation.
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