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iText 5 XML Worker

iText’s XML Worker, which is built on top of iText Core's foundation, can convert XHTML content to PDF and can also process other file types to HTML as an intermediary step.


Why use XML Worker?

HTML is by far the most widely used format on the web.  If you are among the many companies that want to archive HTML content in a more secure way, converting to PDF is in ideal solution. 

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User friendly

  • Consistent appearance on all devices.

  • Ability to add notes and feedback within the document.

  • Easy and time-saving document navigation.

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Archive HTML content

HTML is by far the most widely used format on the web. Many companies have HTML content they want to archive sooner or later. For this, PDF is an ideal format.

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Safe storage

  • Compliance with international standards.

  • Security, full content and author tracking.

Key features

Core capabilities of iText 5 XML Worker

Convert XHTML to PDF. Create simple reports using an easy language such as HTML (and some CSS). XML Worker won't resolve ASP pages, nor execute JavaScript. It only deals with finished XHTML.

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Meeting standards

iText 5 XML Worker is compliant with international standards.

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This add-on makes sure that your PDF files appear consistent across all devices and makes it possible to add notes and feedback while swiftly and securely navigating your documents.

Satisfied Customers

We chose the iText library because it was the only solution that allowed easy integration into our open standards architecture.

iText is a breeze! Using a proven and tested PDF technology helped us to focus on what we do best — building a high quality mobile app.

I just wanted to let you know that the support I received from your support people was excellent, super prompt, detailed, polite and helpful. Great job! Thanks very much.

With iText we have the peace of mind that we are delivering a solid solution to our client.

We chose iText over other open source solutions because it was really quick and easy to develop our application using iText. That's thanks to the guides and documentation available on the iText website, and the many examples on developer communities like Stack Overflow.

Upgrade to iText 7 Core and pdfHTML

Are you still using XML Worker with iText 5? Why not upgrade to iText 7 Core and pdfHTML, it offers you superior performance, easier PDF generation and manipulation, PDF 2.0 suppport, and scalable PDF functionalities with the growing number of possible add-ons.

Upgrade to iText 7

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