Raf hens

Raf Hens

Chief Technology Officer

Raf Hens joined iText in 2012. Today, he is Chief Technology Officer and drives the technological direction of the company, keeping it true to its roots in the open source community.

In this role he oversees Research, Development, Product Management and IT.

Raf joined iText in 2012 as senior software engineer. He then became director of engineering, overseeing the technical and product roadmaps of the iText technology. As the company grew, he set up the new product management department which became responsible for the positioning of iText 7 and the development of new products. Under his leadership, iText has launched its very first diversified product, iText DITO.

Before joining iText, Raf worked at the Ghent University in Belgium, where he conducted research in the areas of adaptive software and deployment optimization.

Raf holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Ghent University in Belgium.

Raf is married and has two daughters.


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