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Are you CCPA compliant? If your company targets California residents, you need to make sure your data processes comply with the CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act. This new legislation is effective January 1, 2020, and requires changes to the way you capture and report data. Having gone through a similar transition with our European customers and the GDPR in 2018 already, iText has the expertise and experience to help you navigate the uncertainty of CCPA. Let's Get Started!

Easy-to-use tools

Our goal is to help you become CCPA compliant by providing you with easy-to-use tools:

  • iText DITO enables you to provide your consumers a PDF read-out with all the information your company has about them, in an easy to output PDF format.
  • iText Core allows you to add markers in PDF files to indicate where personal data is located (to enable its extraction or removal), and use encryption and digital signatures to protect your customers' data.

For iText Core users, we also have the pdf2Data and pdfSweep add-ons to support you in this matter:

  • With pdf2Data you can extract data from PDFs where tagging isn’t available. It offers a framework to recognize data inside PDF documents, based on selection rules that you define in a template.
  • With pdfSweep you can remove (redact) information from PDF documents in a reliable and secure way.

To find the best solution for your individual needs, please fill out the attached form to schedule a call with an iText specialist.


California Consumer Privacy Act - FAQ

Here are some facts you should know about CCPA.

What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

The CCPA, a landmark privacy law became effective on January 1, 2020. As of this date, consumers are be able to demand that companies disclose what personal data they have collected about them and ask companies to delete that data.

The CCPA allows consumers to force companies to tell them what personal information they have collected. It also lets consumers force companies to delete that data or to forbid them from sharing it with third parties. Meanwhile, companies will have to do more to tell consumers upfront about what data they collect. Those companies will also have to put a button on their website that allows consumers to state they do not want their personal data sold, and further demand a company delete their data if asked to do so.

What the CCPA means for businesses?

The CCPA applies only to large companies or those that make the sale of data a core part of their business.

More specifically, there are the three types of businesses that are covered:

  • Companies with more than $25 million in gross revenue
  • Businesses with data on more than 50,000 California consumers
  • Firms that make more than 50% of their revenue selling consumer data (i.e. data brokers)

What are the risks of non-compliance?

The CCPA calls for penalties of up to $7,500 for each intentional violation and $2500 for those lacking intent.

In the end CCPA (like GDPR) will change how companies view data. In the past, firms adopted a "data is gold" mentality and made an effort to collect as much personal information as possible, but that is now changing, and CCPA will force companies to reconsider what data the collection, and be more careful of how they retain it.

Either iText 7 Core or iText DITO: Let us help you find the right solution.

iText 7 Core icon svg

iText 7 Core

With iText 7 Core you have the power to add markers in PDF files to indicate where personal data is located, which can be leveraged when using text extraction for easy retrieval of marked data. You can also use encryption to protect your customer data using industry standard algorithms and practices.

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iText DITO

iText DITO can be used to set up a process of template-based PDF generation to send your customers reports that provide an overview of all data records kept regarding the person in question.


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