JavaOne 2014 Fun and Action

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It was a busy and productive JavaOne for us! Not only we were able to talk to more than 300 past, current and prospective iText customers at our booth, but we also took the time to demonstrate the latest applications of iText and answer lots of questions.

Even more, Bruno Lowagie, iText’s CEO and Raf Hens, Director of Engineering held a 2-hour speaking session on Monday morning, on the prevalence of PDF, iText building blocks, and PDF standards.

1) We revealed our new logo

We received very favorable feedback on our new look, and managed to give away lots of materials to spread the word around with our new logo. Along with our product data sheet, the stress-ball Halloween pumpkins were a hit!

2) Showed the latest demos

  • Digital signatures in PDF with iText

  • Merging and splitting PDF

  • Generating PDF based on data sources

  • Filling forms and flattening forms

  • Stamping content on PDF (e.g. page numbers)

If you’re interested in seeing any of these quick demos yourself, certainly let us know!

3) PDF is Dead, Long Live PDF!

The speaking session was two hours long covering everything from PDF use in the industry, to iText applications, to ISO and other standards.

In fact, we learned that 38% of documents used by government websites were PDF, and after HTML, PDF is the most popular file format on the web. We also learned, that the definition of a document serving as an official record, is exactly what the PDF format stands for:

  • Needs to be self-contained

  • Unchanging (non-dynamic)

  • Able to be authenticated

  • Able to be secured/protected

We also heard about other features of PDF that make it perfect for offline consumption, mobile consumption, and additional features of PDF that are underutilized.

…and much, much, much more…

The full version of the presentation can be found on the iText’s Slideshare channel.

4) We had a lot of fun!

The hosts from Oracle were making sure we never got bored. Each night, there were a number of events and concerts happening in different parts of the city. We had the pleasure of watching amazing shows by Empire of the Sun and Aerosmith.

If you haven’t heard or seen Empire of the Sun – they are pretty awesome, from Australia: