The most comprehensive event in turkey on public and private sector information on global epidemic and digital future

Kamu-BİB'24 and BİMY'28 Integrated Event

Between 04 – 07 November 2021 , with the main theme of “Global Epidemic and Digital Future” , the twenty-fourth “Public-PMP” and the twenty-eighth “BİMY” integrated event in Limak Atlantis Deluxe Hotel & Resort Belek / Antalya will be held in Antalya, Turkey. It will be a platform for the sectors to talk about and it will be the common meeting point of public, university and private sector IT managers and all stakeholders in this field.

Limak Atlantis Deluxe Hotel & Resort Belek / Antalya will be held in Antalya, Turkey.
07506 Serik/Antalya/Antalya

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Kamu-BİB'24 and BİMY'28 Integrated Event

The main purpose of the Public Information Centers Association of Public Information Centers, which was established in 1995 to contribute to the formation of informatics policies and the e-transformation of the society, is to increase the efficiency and awareness of the public in the field of informatics by producing solutions and guiding them. With the contributions of its volunteer members and experts, it prepares periodic reports on determined issues and shares them with the public. TBD Kamu-BİB, a "Public Informatics Brand", has been the meeting point of PUBLIC, UNIVERSITY and PRIVATE SECTOR IT ADMINISTRATORS, policy makers and decision makers in the public sector, with the activities it has carried out since 1999.

The Public Information Technology Centers Association of Public Information Centers, where the ideas of searching for common solutions to the problems that arise especially in public information activities, sharing the experiences gained in public information projects, innovations in information technologies in the world and in our country, and creating effective, efficient and improving projects in public services by making use of these innovations are formed. and the ideas and suggestions guiding public IT investments are discussed. Public-PDF meetings are also known as “Public Efficiency Meetings” as they contribute directly to efficiency in the public sector by identifying problems, developing different perspectives with the common mind of those who have experienced the problems.

Its purpose is in the transition studies of our country to the information society;

  • Effective and widespread use of information technologies with the participation of Public Information Processing Units and sectoral participation,
  • Contributing to the creation of national informatics policies so that public institutions can provide their services effectively and efficiently,
  • Increasing information sharing among IT Units,
  • Developing professional solidarity,
  • Creating common solutions to problems,
  • To raise awareness and create synergy.

    iText at vision 2023 3rd public private sector meeting (hall b-closed session)

    In the Digital Turkey Journey, the first of which was held at the Public-BİB'22/BİMY'26 Integrated Event, the Vision for raising our country's digital maturity level, developing the digital economy, increasing the use of domestic and national technologies in the public and realizing the export process, taking into account the process of combating Covid-19. It is a closed session where the action plans, collaborations and strategies to be made within the scope of 2023 will be shared with the stakeholders by the public top managers and discussions will be held to create a common mind.

    The session, which will be held for the third time this year, will only be attended by senior managers of public institutions, as well as companies sponsoring* the Public-BIB'24 / BİMY'28 Integrated Event.

    * Sponsor companies in the sponsorship summary table

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    Aykut Avci

    Aykut Avci is a computer engineer with a PhD degree who has held various roles in his history at iText, ranging from Technical Manager to Sales. Currently, he is working as Global License Compliance Manager and his core responsibility is to help create global awareness regarding open source and open-source licensing. He collaborates with all sorts of organizations who utilize open-source products to provide them with insights about licensing compliance.


    Aykut Avci

    Global License Compliance Manager