introduces the new iText DITO Manager, adding efficient management of users, templates and resources.

Launch webinar: iText DITO 2.0, a new standard for data-driven, template-based PDF generation

Our highly scalable and easy to use PDF generation tool iText DITO just went from version 1.5 to 2.0. We take our versioning seriously. So, when we say 2.0, we mean it

In this webinar, an excited Product Manager Erwin Buggenhout will give you a firsthand look at the groundbreaking new features in iText DITO 2.0. As well as an improved user interface, this new version introduces iText DITO Manager.

With this new management experience you can efficiently manage the full lifecycle of your templates and all of their dependencies, like data collections, images, stylesheets and fonts.

Register now and take the first step towards unburdening your developers and empowering your business users.

Dito 2.0

Erwin Buggenhout

Erwin Buggenhout's main area of expertise is management of document generation and CCM solutions for medium sized business and enterprise. He is a technology-to-business translator with great experience in assisting and inspiring organizations to digitally transform their document-centric business processes.


Erwin Buggenhout

Product Manager