PDF Technical Conference 2013 — Seattle

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Last week, Bruno Lowagie, the CEO of iText Software, attended the PDF Conference organized by the PDF Association and the PDF/A Day organized by Adobe:

The venue was great: the offices of Adobe in Seattle.

The first day was kicked off by Nora Calvilio and Duff Johnson:

PDF/A Day was kicked off by Bob Wulff who was responsible for the Acrobat project for 20 years:

Bob covered 20 years of PDF in his keynote. We all know that the original code name for Acrobat was Carousel. Unfortunately, this name was already taken by Kodak. A marketing specialist was asked for an alternative name.

They came up with:

  • Adobe Traverse, but that name was refused,

  • Adobe Express, but there was already that thing named Quark Express,

  • Adobe Gates, but there was already somebody at another company with that name,

  • Adobe Rosetta, but there was an existing company with that name,

  • Eventually, the name Adobe Acrobat was coined. Not many people liked the name, but it was chosen anyway. The rest is history...

This is a view from the American "20 years of PDF party":