iText Platform: expand your opportunities

Have you ever wanted to make money from your application development? We can help.

The iText developer platform is now available for third party add-ons. This means that we are looking for development partners who want to build and create iText 7 add-ons, but want to leave marketing and sales to the professionals. We sell your add-on as an iText product, and you get revenue sharing for every sale we make. Sound interesting?

How it works

The Process

  • You create an application proof of concept that works on top of iText 7

  • Submit your application for review

  • If you are chosen, iText will help to complete, market and sell your add-on exclusively

  • You get revenue sharing and your application on the commercial market

To be considered you need:

  • An awesome application that is useful in the PDF space

  • A working proof of concept that relies on the iText 7 platform


"We are very glad to partner with iText for distributing pdf2Data across the globe. This allows us to focus on what we do best -- developing innovative software, while iText provides a recognized technology and has great experience in international marketing and sales. It's a win-win"- Dual Lab

Dual Lab partnered with iText on pdf2Data, an iText 7 add-on that allows you to programmatically extract data from PDF documents seamlessly in your workflow.