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For development partners who want to build and create iText 7 add-ons, but want to leave marketing and sales to the professionals.

Features & Benefits

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iText developer platform

How it works

The process

  • You create an application proof of concept that works on top of iText 7.
  • Submit your application for review.
  • If you are chosen, iText will help to complete, market and sell your add-on exclusively.
  • You get revenue sharing and your application on the commercial market.

To be considered you need:

  • An awesome application that is useful in the PDF space.
  • A working proof of concept that relies on the iText 7 platform.

iText Developers Platform

iText Developers Platform Case Study



The first iText Developers Platform partner was Dual Lab, who created the pdf2Data add-on. The add-on offers a 2-step process to facilitate data extraction from PDF documents.

    In the first step, an interactive editor is used to create an extraction template based on a sample PDF document.

    In the second step, that extraction template enables data extraction from similar PDF documents (e.g. invoices from the same vendor) by means of an SDK, allowing integration in existing workflows.

Dual Lab worked with iText to create an add-on that offered a new capability to the iText 7 platform and we launched the product in April 2017 for commercial purchase. Dual Lab offered a short testimony on the partnership:

    “We are very glad to partner with iText for distributing pdf2Data across the globe. This allows us to focus on what we do best — developing innovative software, while iText provides a recognized technology and has great experience in international marketing and sales. It’s a win-win.” — Dual Lab

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