A Visual PDF Template Design Experience

iText DITO® Editor

The iText DITO Editor is the design component of the iText DITO framework. You can use the editor application in a web browser to design highly personalized and engaging PDF templates. No code is required to build amazing templates, but you can use code to define advanced formatting and business logic too.

Dynamic Data Binding

Link a JSON data sample to your templates and point and click to insert placeholders for data injection. Build tables and subforms that auto-expand to list repeating elements.

Dynamic Data Binding
conditional logic


Conditional Logic

Set conditions to show or hide content based on the data that is merged. Use the visual wizard for simple conditions and syntax mode for more complex logic.

Code… Not Required but Supported

iText DITO Editor provides a complete, codeless experience to create awesome PDF templates, though if you want to use cascading style sheets (CSS) or inject your own HTML, feel free to do so.


Code not required




iText DITO® PDF/UA Compliance Assistant

iText DITO helps you comply with the Universal Accessibility standard for PDF documents (PDF/UA), to make sure that the generated documents are optimized for assistive technologies, like screen readers. Several technology, industry and government policies and standards (e.g. WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508) require content carriers to support such technologies nowadays.


Script-based Language Support

If you conduct business in languages with complex ligatures (context-based morphing of characters) you probably know that this is challenging for automated content generation. With iText DITO, however, we've got your back.

Script-based language
Advanced Calculations

Advanced Calculation Capabilities

iText DITO supports complex calculations allowing designers to manipulate and query data directly from the template, without needing to change the data schema at source. You can concatenate to fields, multiply product by quantities, query the size of items purchased, etc.


Data Value Formatting

iText DITO enables designers to format information existing in data collections without needing to edit the source data. Add dollar or euro signs to prices or totals. Change the display format of time/dates, i.e. DD/MM/YY vs MM/DD/YY vs DD/MM/YYYY. Show numbers with 2 decimal places, etc.

Data Type Formatting


iText DITO Editor - Revamped and Extended

With the release of iText DITO 2.0, the iText DITO Editor has received a full make-over. All familiar functionalities are still there and easier to use than ever before, with a cleaner, more configurable interface to make template designing better. You can now minimize or fully collapse the left side panels to free up screen estate for your template canvas. Also, the template Structure panel can be expanded to the full height of the screen, allowing for easier template navigation, and  much more.

But most of all the experience has been optimized to co-exist with iText DITO Manager. The 2.0 release also contains new capabilities, such as automated table of contents and bookmark creation based on template headings.

The new iText DITO Editor

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