Discover all the PDF features available in iText Suite compared to iText 5.

Overview Feature iText Suite iText 5 (deprecated)
Simple (using high-level API) ✓ (with iText Core)
Complex (using low-level API) ✓ (with iText Core)
PDF creation and generation PDF 2.0 compliance ✓ (with iText Core) ×
HTML & CSS ✓ (with pdfHTML) ×
HTML to PDF/UA ✓ (with pdfHTML) ×
HTML to PDF conversion Out of box support elements/attribute ✓ (with pdfHTML) ×
Removing sensitive data ✓ (with pdfSweep)
PDF redaction Regex based redaction ✓ (with pdfSweep) ×
Chinese, Japanese, Korean ✓ (with iText Core)
Cyrillic languages ✓ (with iText Core)
Arabic, Hebrew ✓ (with pdfCalligraph) ×
Indic languages ✓ (with pdfCalligraph) ×
Language support Thai, Khmer ✓ (with pdfCalligraph) ×
PDF Debugging Inspect PDFs to find and fix bugs ✓ (with RUPS)
Template based data extraction ✓ (with pdf2Data) ×
Data Extraction Extraction of images, tables, text ✓ (with pdf2Data) ×
PDF to Image Render PDFs as images ✓ (with pdfRender) ×
Adding content ✓ (with iText Core)
PDF manipulating/updating Updating PDF objects [dictionaries etc.] ✓ (with iText Core)
Creation ✓ (with iText Core)
Filling ✓ (with iText Core)
Flattening ✓ (with iText Core)
AcroForm XFDF support ✓ (with iText Core)
Flattening ✓ (with pdfXFA)
XFA Reading ✓ (with iText Core)
Creation ✓ (with iText Core)
Annotations Changing ✓ (with iText Core)
Text extraction ✓ (with iText Core)
PDF parsing Image extraction ✓ (with iText Core)
Creation ✓ (with iText Core)
Reading - data extraction ✓ (with iText Core)
Tagged PDF Manipulating/Updating ✓ (with iText Core)
PDF/A-1 (a,b) ✓ (with iText Core)
PDF/A-2 (a,b,u) ✓ (with iText Core)
PDF/A-3 (a,b,u) ✓ (with iText Core)
PDF/A PDF/A-4 (e,f) ✓ (with iText Core) ×
PDF/UA-1 ✓ (with iText Core)
PDF/UA PDF/UA-2 ✓ (with iText Core) ×
Encryption ✓ (with iText Core)
Encryption Decryption ✓ (with iText Core)
Signing ✓ (with iText Core)
Digital signatures Validating ✓ (with iText Core)
Transparency ✓ (with iText Core) ×
Bézier paths ✓ (with iText Core) ×
SVG support Markers ✓ (with iText Core) ×
Recognize and extract text ✓ (with pdfOCR) ×
Recognize text and convert to PDF ✓ (with pdfOCR) ×
Text recognition (OCR) Recognize text and convert to PDF/A-3u ✓ (with pdfOCR) ×
PDF optimization Intelligently optimize PDFs for size and speed ✓ (with pdfOptimizer) ×
MS Office to PDF Convert MS Office documents to PDF ✓ (with pdfOffice) ×

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