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iText 2

iText 2 is an early version of our open-source PDF library. It has since been superseded by iText 5 (Java), iTextSharp (the .NET version of  iText 5), iText 7, and now iText 8, the latter being the current version of our PDF library. iText 8 is more feature-rich than previous versions, and is available for both Java and .NET (C#).

iText 2 was available under MPL/GPL, while iText 5 and subsequent versions switched to an AGPL and commercial dual-licensing structure.

iText 2

iText 2 is EOL. iText 8 is the latest version of iText's leading PDF library

iText 2 is no longer being developed nor supported.

Since its inception, we have continued to evolve our widely-used library, and we have resolved the security and IP matters of iText 2. In addition, we have vastly expanded the functionality in later versions of our leading PDF library. Check out the latest one, iText 8.

Which iText PDF library version to use

For new projects

PDF library version: iText 8

The latest version of our PDF library, and the recommended PDF library for new projects. iText 8 is available under open-source AGPL and commercial conditions, offers numerous improvements and benefits, and a range of add-ons providing much wider functionality than previous versions.

For existing iText 2 projects

PDF library version: iText 5

Even though iText 5 is also EOL, and is no longer developed by iText, the impact on your existing workflows and applications is minimal compared to an upgrade to iText 8, since iText 7 was a complete re-write of our PDF library code.

iText 5 will protect your IP and contains security patches. Today, we still provide support and security updates for iText 5.

Be aware that in contrast to iText 2, iText 5 is available under open-source AGPL and commercial licensing.

Feel free to contact us in case you have questions or require assistance regarding your implementation, or in case of licensing needs.

iText Services Our experts are at hand for users that require support on their migration journey. Contact us to find out how we can support you.

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