iText Summit 2014: Live report

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Welcome to the iText Summit! We will post pictures and presentations during the day. In the next days, the recordings form the Summit will also be posted on our website.

We start at 9.45 with the iText Keynote: iText's technical roadmap and the future of iText, by Bruno Lowagie.

After the break, around 11.00, our first topic "iText for Archiving and Accessibility" will be brought by Raf Hens and Alexander Chingarev. They will talk about how to create PDF/A and PDF/UA documents using iText and how to fill out forms and merge documents, preserving their accessibility.

The third talk today, at 11.45 will be presented by Michaë‘l Demey and Amedee Van Gasse from iText: "About PDF and Testing": a peek into the internal kitchen of iText Quallity Assurance and how we test PDFs at iText.

After the lunch, at 13.30, it is time to call our guest speakers to the stage to present their iText user story, with the central theme: "Templates for PDF".
Our guest speakers: Koen Dehaen from Roots Software and Pieter Robberechts from CSC. The user case from CSC was released last week as the first official iText user story: the e-Justice Case, download this User Story.

At 14.15, two more guest speakers will take the stage to talk about "PDF and Workflow": Klaas Bals from Inventive Group and Michallis Pashidis from Trust1Team about the position of PDF in the BPM eco-system

After another break, at 15.30, our iText developers Raf Hens and Alexander Chingarev will talk about "Text and structure recognition in PDF": Examining the content of PDF documents with the goal to add interactive features such as links, bookmarks and annotations: an iText project for a health care service provider.

Our last part, the wrap-up will consist of a panel session with questions and answers, and we will also present the new publications that are currently under development.

We want to thank the iText Guest Speakers and our own iText team!