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Top 10 ways PDF helps you take control of digital documents

What can one do with the PDF format, and where is it going? For two decades, PDF has been the global standard for document viewing and cooperation. But despite this, many of the format’s features remain largely unknown even to many IT professionals. PDF is continuously evolving, and its current advantages and flexibility may surprise you. The following provides an overview of the PDF’s current assets.

PDF is a file format that excels in the face of all major challenges presented by the ongoing explosion of big data technology. While it is largely known for its strengths in terms of viewing, sharing, archiving and signing, the format also shines in terms of programmability. PDF displays tremendous potential in terms of automating transactions and improving flows of collaboration because it is far more than the digital copy of a paper document. Metadata, structure forms, and other file type attachments packaged together, mean that PDF is more than just a file format. It is in fact a data container for your content.

In this white paper you will discover 10 ways PDF can help you to take control of your digital documents.


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