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Last week, we created a poll on Twitter , asking you which platform you prefer: The Java platform, The .NET platform, or Another platform These were the results: It seems that the Java platform is the most popular among developers who follow us on Twitter: half of them prefer the Java platform. Looking at the questions posted on StackOverflow, I would have guessed that the numbers would be more in balance, because it feels as if there are about as many questions about iText for Java as there are as about iText for C#. Maybe we...

Chapter 3: Using renderers and event handlers

In this chapter, we'll find out why it's important to have some understanding of the low-level functionality discussed in the previous chapter. We can use this functionality in combination with basic building blocks to create custom functionality. We'll create custom borders to Cell objects. We'll add background colors to pages, and we'll introduce headers and footers. When we add a watermark, we'll discover that we don't really need to know all the ins and outs of PDF syntax. We'll use a convenience method that takes care of defining the transformation matrix to rotate and center text.