page events

These examples wer written in answer to questions such as: How to draw a line every 25 words?
I want to add footer with 2 rows. The 1st row will have the document name with a background color. The 2nd row will have copyright notices. I tried to create this table using ColumnText , but I am not able to set the background color for the row (only the text is getting background color).
I'm generating a PDF report with iTextSharp, the header of the report has the information of the customer. In the body of the report contains a list of customer transactions. My doubt is: How to generate a header dynamically for each client?
I am working with iTextSharp trying to add an header and a footer to my generated PDF, but if I try to add an header that have width of 100% of my page I have some problem.
I'm using iText to create a PDF document. Right now I am trying to get a rectangle on every single page of the document but I'm not sure how to do this.
I have been trying to add an image to all pages using iTextSharp. The image needs to be OVER all content of every page.
I want to produce a PDF with pages in landscape. While I can set the size of the page to landscape using document.setPageSize(PageSize.LETTER.rotate()); , it this doesn't achieve what I want. The content is still oriented left->right while I would like it to be bottom->top.
Is there a way to check to see if a page event has already been added to a PdfWriter object? If so, can you also remove that page event?