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Good news for our community of developers! We've decided to make our iText 7 add-ons pdfHTML , pdfSweep , pdfInvoice and pdfDebug open source under the AGPL license - as was already in place for iText 7 Community . You asked, and we listened. We agree that there is a lot of value in having access to add...

Why is my PDF missing several characters?

In spite of the abundance of documentation on how to use font files, and how to create documents with text in different languages, people are still asking the same question in many different variations. That's why this separate entry was made, using a different phrasing of the same question that was answered many times before.


Do we need a browser engine to render HTML+CSS to PDF

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No, pdfHTML does all the work parsing the HTML and CSS, and mapping them to iText objects and styles. Then the iText engine renders the PDF based on these objects and styles.


Which languages are supported in pdfHTML?

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Can I convert an HTML form to a PDF?

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How to add metadata to a PDF using pdfHTML?

Busted! This isn't a frequently asked question. I made it up because I thought the answer was interesting enough for this book.

The metadata.html HTML file has some metadata added inside its <head> section: