Company profile

iText Software is a world-leading specialist in programmable PDF software libraries. Its solutions are used in sales and marketing, legal and governance, finance, IT, operations and HR by a diverse customer base that includes medical institutions, banks, governments and technology companies. The iText solution was first designed by tech visionary Bruno Lowagie in 2000 and has known continuous growth in its 15 years of existence, coupled with a healthy desire to remain at the forefront of product innovation. It grew out of the open-source community, which iText supports to this day through its unique dual-license business model.

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Our values

From the outset, iText has designed its PDF creation solutions to be open source. That means that users may modify its code on the condition that these changes are freely available. We believe in collaborative innovation that helps developers grow and learn. However, we also believe in rewarding hard work and dedication, which is why getting an iText commercial license offers many additional benefits.

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Our mission

iText’s primary concern is to make life for its customers easier. Nobody enjoys getting bogged down in procedure, struggling with incompatible file formats or using makeshift solutions for everyday administration and documentation needs. iText can help make PDF creation processes smoother, faster and more automated. In addition, iText is committed to provide customized, rapid support to optimize its customers’ experience. After all, a happy customer is what makes us happy.