DZone's Guide to Java 2017 is live!

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2017 DZone Guide to Java

If you believe the number of articles online, you might be inclined to believe that Java is dying, but we all know better. While the release of Java 9 and Java EE 8 have been delayed, the excitement and passion of the Java community remains strong, proven by groups like the Java EE Guardians, who formed to push Oracle to commit to improvements for Java EE. This energy is not just a result of complacent developers failing to leave behind a stagnant language. New JVM technologies like the Kotlin language are making incredible waves in the industry, and Java itself has been encouraging the combination of functional and object-oriented programming with features like lambdas. While the language may be 22 years old, it has not rested on its laurels, and with Project Jigsaw on the horizon, Java and its stewards continue to prove that they are constantly looking to the future.

The new DZone 2017 Guide to Java will also take you through some of the main talking points of modern Java, from designing appropriately for microservices, using Java 8 to address code smells, to concurrency with Java Futures and Kotlin Coroutines. There are some skills, like how to handle memory leaks and debugging that will always be required in the Java developer’s toolbox, and these are also discussed in this guide.

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