iText 7.0.6 Release Changelog

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iText 7.0.6


  • [DEVSIX-1568] - Appearance is generated in spite of generateAppearance = false.
  • [DEVSIX-1660] - cloneOutlines throws NullPointerException for malformed Outlines.
  • [DEVSIX-1663] - PdfA2Checker trips over Separation Function stream.
  • [DEVSIX-1669] - CrlClientOnline constructor ignores passed CRL parameter.
  • [DEVSIX-1679] - NPE when adding bookmark using convertToElements() method of pdfHtml.
  • [DEVSIX-1689] - IOException: Invalid code encountered while decoding 2D group 4 compressed data during image extraction.
  • [DEVSIX-1704] - Showing a horizontal page with 0 rotation value.


  • [DEVSIX-561] - Verify signature tests and samples.
  • [DEVSIX-1671] - Investigate Java 9 support.
  • [DEVSIX-1693] - [Security]: Use a cryptographically strong random number generator (RNG) like "" in place of this PRNG.
  • [DEVSIX-1715] - Update licensekey dependency to 3.0.0 in 7.0 branches.


  • [DEVSIX-1505] - Remove availableWidth parameter from getMinMaxWidth method.
  • [DEVSIX-1646] - Improve layout of large tables.
  • [DEVSIX-1681] - Wrong text extraction for simple fonts with one to many /ToUnicode mapping.

pdfHTML 1.0.3


  • [DEVSIX-1597] - HtmlConverter incorrectly places cells with multiple rows in the table head.
  • [DEVSIX-1679] - NPE when adding bookmark using convertToElements() method of pdfHtml.

New Feature

  • [DEVSIX-1569] - Fully support the 'border-radius' css property.

pdfXFA 1.0.3


  • [DEV-1919] - System.NullReferenceException in iTextSharp.tool.xml.xtra.xfa.pipe.FormBuilder.BuildSubForm.
  • [DEV-1927] - Regression: Flattening form with generate appearance false triggers casting exception.
  • [DEVSIX-1462] - Flattening XFA fields adjusts layout.


  • Fix FormCalc processing for the case of extracting value from array of elements.
  • Apply text values from FormState.
  • Apply integer values from FormState.
  • Improve processing of page breaks.
  • Support "this.parent" constructions in xfa.resolveNodes().
  • Evaluate page area script variables. Implement xfa.layout.absPage and add stub for xfa.layout.pageContent.
  • Support dynamic changing of min occurrence for subforms.
  • [DEV-1919] - catch exception when constructing LeaderPositioner.
  • [DEVSIX-1462] - Flattening XFA fields adjusts layout.