Digitally sign your documents with SingPass and iText, a digital signing partner of Singapore's National Digital Identity Project

Tue - 12/01/2020

Singapore's National Digital identity (NDI) project provides users with the new “Sign with SingPass” feature to electronically sign PDF contracts, agreements and other legal documentation in high volume. This new feature is developed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech). 

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This blogpost follows the earlier Press release and announcement on the partnership between iText Software and GovTech.

iText Software is a leading PDF SDK provider, and is proud to be GovTech's digital signing partner for the NDI project.

SingPass, Singapore's electronic identificiation, authentication, or authorisation service enables residents to securely and efficiently access a myriad of government and private sector services online, and in person.


Working together with GovTech, iText has developed a PDF reference implementation to demonstrate the integration of an organisation's document workflow with Sign with SingPass to allow digital signing of PDF documents in high volume.

Based on the open source iText 7 code library for creating, manipulating and processing ISO compliant, secure PDF documents, it shows how you can interface with Sign with SingPass to utlise electronically signed PDFs in a modern, digitalised document workflow, a necessity in automated document management.

Benefit from this important initiative and grow your business today with NDI's SingPass Sign digital signing integration.

STACK 2020 Workshop by iText: “Signing documents in a Smart Nation” was a success

The STACK 2020 workshop “Signing documents in a Smart Nation” has finished but the code example is still available.

Senior developer Pavel Chermyanin and Global Lead of Product and Services André Lemos hosted a 2-hour workshop during the virtual STACK 2020 event on the 1st of December.

In this workshop, they collectively build and integrated with the Sign with SIngPass feature developed by GovTech. They created a sample application that requires an authenticated and authorised user to digitally sign a contract.

They went through the workflow by interacting with the NDI Sandbox server and build a web application which end users can access.


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Who Attended?

  • 30 Developers who wanted to learn how to create a service that leverages the brand new GovTech service to build an even Smarter Nation.
  • 30 Developers who were keen to leverage the GovTech service through service creation.

Instructions for playing around with the code example

  • Be familiar with Java
  • Have an internet-enabled laptop with the following installed:
    • Java 8, and any Java IDE
    • Tunneller for localhost publishing on the web (e.g.
    • Maven 3.3, Git, PDF viewer (e.g. Acrobat or Foxit)
  • It will help to have an Android smartphone with the National Digital Identity (NDI) Sandbox mobile app installed. Available from here.



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