iText named as a Top Open-Source Solution Provider for 2020 by CIO Review

Tue - 02/23/2021

iText, a global PDF technology company, was recently named a top ten open-source solution provider for 2020 by enterprise solutions magazine, CIOReview.

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iText recognized among top open-source solution providers in being best in class for redefining PDF documentation.


Belgium, Ghent. 23 February 2021. iText, a global PDF technology company, was recently named a top ten open-source solution provider for 2020 by enterprise solutions magazine, CIOReview. The publication’s annual review chooses the year’s top open-source solution providers that empower developers to share and learn through collaboration, selecting the ones at the forefront of delivering innovation.

Earning around 7,000 customers with more than a 90 percent satisfaction rate, their millions of users prefer iText’s solutions for their digital document workflows. iText has an innovative reputation in the industry as having brought PDF to the backend, creating a seamless customer experience, and allowing developers to integrate iText’s code into their workflows. Their latest solutions have great, rich features including PDF/A and PDF/UA support available today for developers. iText also helps clients develop digital document solutions without any coding background, supporting an increasing trend for citizen developers.

The iText experts who developed these solutions are part of the ISO committees that define the PDF standards. They’re also on the board of the PDF Association, putting iText at the forefront of all that is PDF-related.

Much of the open-source action is happening at the enterprise level. Out of 950 IT leaders in four regions, 95 percent of respondents said it is strategically important for their organization’s overall enterprise infrastructure software strategy, with 86 percent of IT leaders noting the most innovative companies today are using enterprise open-source.

With the open-source services industry expected to reach nearly $33 billion by 2022, the outlook for iText is bright. Implementation of open-source code into the proprietary software of any business will grow substantially.

“Our clients worldwide favor open-source with its reduction in lead times, enhanced quality, and interoperability,” said Gary Fry, CEO, iText.  “With efficiency and innovation at the heart of what we do, being recognized as a top open-source provider fuels our business value offering in the digital communications market. Today’s digital storage and distribution of data is the way of the future; standardizing PDF formats and eliminating complexities is how we can best serve our clients.”

Open-source technology has been gaining notoriety because of its flexible, collaborative nature for all users. iText manipulates PDF files ten times faster than leading competitors, making documents not only readable for humans but also by machines—a huge step forward in business analytics and business process automation.

The core product for iText is a comprehensive, enterprise-focused PDF library, encouraging software developers to build applications that process and manipulate PDF documents with ease—simplifying the developer workload by shortening their product’s time-to-market.

Other winners include Acquia, Red Hat, and WhiteSource. For more information on the named companies, check out CIOReview’s listing.

About iText

iText is a global leader in innovative award-winning PDF software, offering open-source and enterprise solutions that streamline the generation and consumption of documents and data. It is used by millions of users, both open source and commercial, to create digital documents for a variety of uses: invoices, credit card statements, mobile boarding passes, legal archiving, and more. Recognized as a global thought leader and innovator in PDF solutions and functionalities, iText enables companies to build the most reliable solutions for document and data exchange. As an open-source PDF library, iText can be embedded into the document solution workflows of various industries and their applications. Such companies are part of a diverse customer base, including many of the Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and government agencies. iText’s core library, iText 7, is available under the AGPL license, while also offering commercial licensing for customers that wish to keep their source code private.



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