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iText DITO simplifies the process of creating multiple data-driven templates. An intuitive front end gives you the ability to design your own templates and forms, tied to a powerful back end. iText DITO handles everything from HTML5 input form creation and data processing, to the output of PDFs. This reduces workload for developers by offering a way to get results without wasting time writing lines of code.
iText PDF

Harness the power of PDF

A powerful PDF Toolkit for PDF generation, PDF programming, handling & manipulation. The preferred PDF engine for Java and .NET developers, small Enterprises as well as large Corporations and Government institutions.
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Convert from HTML to PDF

Create professionally formatted rich, smart PDF reports and documents with pdfHTML. Integrate the API into your workflow and convert HTML into PDF documents which are standards compliant and are accessible, searchable and usable for indexing.


Multiple language and writing systems support

pdfCalligraph enables multiple language support without having to adjust your PDF programming. Automatically detect which writing system is being used in PDF creation. Make glyph substitutions based on script and font-specific information.


Redact PDF content

Safely and securely redact content in PDFs using pdfSweep. pdfSweep can be programmed to automate the redaction process, eliminating the need for manual document processing and removing the possibility of accidental data leaks.


Flatten XFA forms

Enable both dynamic PDF generation and the ability to flatten dynamic PDF forms to static files with pdfXFA. Use XFA as a template to render XML data to PDF, and to preprocess XFA forms for subsequent PDF workflows.


Powerful PDF debugging

Analyze partial and unfinished documents during their creation with pdfDebug, which integrates into your IDE allowing you to clearly see the internal structure of your PDF files through a detailed tree view.


Digital Signatures

Utilize digital signatures for document security in contracts, non-disclosure agreements etc. Ensure the integrity of documents and prove there have been no unauthorized changes.

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Automate PDF generation

IText enables the automatic generation of multiple types of documents, such as invoices, statements, boarding passes etc. as PDF.

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Automate PDF processing

Easily extract data from PDF documents such as invoices, reports, forms etc. with pdf2Data. pdf2Data offers a framework to recognize data inside PDF documents, based on selection rules that you can define in a template.


Modify PDF structure

Split and merge PDFs, add text or other content such as barcodes, image, watermarks and stamps.

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Customize PDFs with programming

Customize your PDFs by using Java or .NET to program PDFs that perfectly fit your document needs.

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Compliant with modern standards

iText supports PDF 2.0 and enables you to use PDF/A for long-term archiving and create accessible PDF/UA documents.

PDF 2.0

Flexible licensing options

iText gives you the choice of either using it for free under the conditions of an AGPL license, or a commercial license option if you prefer.

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Use data-driven templates for PDF forms

Simplify the process of creating multiple data-driven templates with iText DITO and save valuable development time and resources.

iText DITO

Blockchain technology integration

Secure and authenticate digital invoices, contracts, tenders or other documents by storing the digital signatures in a Blockchain, not in the documents themselves.


Discover iText PDF

Our PDF toolkit offers you one of the best-documented and most versatile PDF engines in the world (written in Java and .NET), which allows you to not only integrate PDF functionalities into your workflow, but also in your applications, processes or products.

iText DITO

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iText DITO simplifies the process of creating multiple data-driven templates.
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iText 7 Core

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Generate and manipulate your PDFs with this commercially licensed PDF library and SDK.
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pdfHTML convert HTML to PDF pdfHTML provides the engine to convert HTML to PDF
Easily convert HTML and CSS into PDF documents, use pdfHTML for out-of-the-box solutions, or on its own.
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iText is a breeze! Using a proven and tested PDF technology helped us to focus on what we do best — building a high quality mobile app.

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