Secrets to be revealed at the PDF Days in Berlin

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The PDF Days Conference is quickly approaching, held in Berlin May 15-16. At the conference, the PDF Association will host talks about PDF Specification updates and reveal some seriously big news.

Although, we don't know everything, we do know that the big reveal for this year's PDF Days will be BIG. The super secret project is code named "next-generation PDF”. Easily the most exciting development in PDF technology for years, “next-generation PDF” is all about the core principles of marrying core PDF capabilities to the flexibility of web technologies. The development of this technology is actively supported by many members of the PDF Association, including iText.

PDF meeting

The real name, purpose and status of “next-generation PDF” will be revealed in the initial Keynote session and subsequent dedicated track at PDF Days 2017 in Berlin from May 15-16. You can find the topics that will be discussed in this track on the official agenda.

Our CTO, Bruno Lowagie, will be giving the closing talk on the second day of the event (May 16). His talk will give an overview of the possible impact of the next-generation PDF format on server-side applications. For years, we have been serving PDFs to the browser in situations where PDF might not have been the best choice, for example when serving a PDF to a mobile device. Could the next-generation PDF format help to solve this problem? join the PDF Days Europe 2017 in Berlin May 15-16, 2017. For discounted tickets, ask us for a discount code so that you only have to pay 299 euro instead of 379 (excluding VAT).

PDF Days Europe 2017: Berlin