What is better than learning? Hands on learning!

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What is better than learning? Hands on learning.

At iText we value continuing education and improvement. This year, for the second time, we were offered a spot to team up with Babson College MBA students to act as a consulting client. As part of their studies they complete a hands on learning segment where they offer a real life consulting experience to understand what businesses contend with, and use the students new skills to offer solutions.

The hands on course professor, Sal Parise of Babson College commented: “We highly value experiential learning at Babson. It was a pleasure working with Alaine and iText on a course project where our MBA student teams developed a Technology Plan for them. The students received invaluable learning from understanding iText’s challenges and opportunities regarding their users’ experiences on their digital properties, and then offering technology-based recommendations in the form of software tools and digital strategies and tactics. It was a great learning experience for both the Babson students and iText.”

We agree, that is is a great experience and the insights offered show that the students are really working to understand the needs of business and offering inventive solutions to meet those needs. We are reviewing all of the great suggestions made by the Babson students and will be implementing some of the suggestions in the coming months, hopefully the students can recognize their work on our digital properties!

If you want to learn more about the Babson College MBA program, check out their website here.