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Electronic Document Conference 2019

The Electronic Document Conference (EDC) is a do-not-miss event intended for product managers, developers and technical users working with electronic document technologies, and especially for developers who need to create or process PDF files.

As a member of the PDF Association, we will be giving three seminars at the conference: on workflow, blockchain, and our newest product, iText DITO

Our 30-minute workflow seminar will walk through the best practices of using PDF in workflow management to get the most out of your data and your dollar. Our blockchain seminar will provide insights on how the use of blockchain technology can benefit document workflows, and how it can be used to secure PDF invoices and digital signatures. Lastly, we will give our first live demo and in-depth dive on the latest innovation, iText DITO, a powerful template engine that converts data into iText quality PDFs. 

The program is divided into six approximate themes: accessibility, automation, the business of documents, file formats, Open Data and document workflow with 30 minute sessions in two tracks. Join us at the conference and get the latest resources on creating and leveraging electronic document technology!

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Electronic Document Conference 2019

801 N 34th St 98103 Seattle

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