Next Generation PDF meeting wrap up

We are back from Toronto and missing the Poutine already. A big thank you to Ontario Investment and Trade for hosting us!

Next Generation PDF Meeting 2017 iText

Our founder and CTO - Bruno Lowagie - and Director of Product Management - Raf Hens - attended the “Next Generation PDF” meeting and are looking forward to telling you more about the outcome at PDF Days in Berlin next month.

At the Berlin event (May 15-16) the real name, purpose and status of “Next Generation PDF” will be revealed in the initial keynote session and subsequent dedicated track. You can find the topics that will be discussed in this track on the official agenda.

Our CTO - Bruno Lowagie - will be giving the closing talk on the second day of the event (May 16). His talk will give an overview of the possible impact of the “Next Generation PDF” format on server-side applications. For years, we have been serving PDFs to the browser in situations where PDF might not have been the best choice. For example, when serving a PDF to a mobile device. Could the “Next Generation PDF”-format help to solve this problem?

Join the PDF Days Europe 2017 in Berlin on May 15-16, 2017.


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