PDF Days 2017, Berlin, Germany

At PDF Days, the PDF world's finest minds and premium vendors from around the world gather, availble on-site to help you assemble customized packages of PDF knowledge.

Next-Generation PDF: Server-side applications

For years, we have been serving PDFs to the browser in situations where PDF might not have been the best choice, for example when serving a PDF to a mobile device. Could the next-generation PDF format help to solve this problem?

Bruno Lowagie headshot

Bruno Lowagie


Founder of iText PDF Library and the company.

Next-Generation PDF: How HTML responsiveness translates to PDF

This talk focuses on responsiveness, showcasing our iText 7 add-on pdfHTML which can also translate the responsiveness of HTML into a PDF document. For example, when we minimize or maximize our screen the table in the PDF document will be reformatted automatically to 1 or 3 columns.

Samuel Huylebroeck

Samuel Huylebroeck


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